Hameitar Street-5 roomed cottage

A magnificent cottage set in the West of Ra’anana.  4 spacious bedrooms with 3 bathrooms there is ample space for a large family.  The huge basement allows for a perfect entertainment area and the garden boasts space for easy entertaining.  A modern functional kitchen allows for easy preparation and will make entertaining enjoyable.Hardwood floors throughout the house adds class to an already breathtaking cottage.


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BEDROOMS:      4



  • Double Parking
  • Central Airconditioning
  • Master suite
  • Basement
  • Built 275 Sqm
  • Land 259 Sqm

ASKING PRICE:   NIS 5,500,000

For more details or to setup a viewing please contact:

Dion Carreira



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Why Going Hungry Makes You Gain Weight

Did you know that dieting can actually “help” you gain weight?
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10 Tips for Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

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